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Yes I am Complaining about your manassas store!

My adventure with your Manassas Store Started Feb. 20, 2011, My girlfriend and I arrived at the store at the time they were to open 12 noon on Sunday.

The store was still closed so we ran a few errands and came back to the store. Think the whole time I'd be leaving with a new pair of glasses by the end of the afternoon.

It took them 30 minutes to wait on me we sat down and the salesperson looked at my prescription and said there would be no problem getting those that day. I had picked out the frames I wanted, she told me all the options for my safety glass and driving glasses and how BOGO may not be my best option blab, blab.

They came up with a price of $ 533.93 for both pairs, I paid her cash $ 540.00, still thinking I was getting my glasses that day. On her return with my change then she tells me it will be 1 to 2 weeks before my glasses will be ready, they didn't have my prescription in stock for my normal glasses and how the safety glasses had to be done in a different lab so they could test them.

Beaten and now broke after 2 hours in the store, I conceded, she was going to call me as soon as they were ready. I never received a call the first week went by, I called, nope not ready, second week I call, "oh yea Mr. Brown they have been here for a week" I heard. This didn't make me happy to start with.

Returning to the store to pick up my glasses they were still setting the lenses when I showed up and asked if I could return in a hour this was funny to me, but I did, I want to see what a thousand dollars worth of glasses looked like.($533, was my BOGO price)

They were doing the final cleaning when I arrived back in the store, they had no side shields for my safety glasses, but they would call me as soon as they were in "about two weeks" I had to laugh out loud at that one.

I had used my driving glasses for about three days, but I was getting terrible headaches when I used them, I returned to the store, the technician said the lenses was damaged when they installed it, it would be "about two weeks before they could get it replaced", "Two Weeks" again!

The two weeks went by, no side shields for my safety glasses, no calls from the store, I returned to the store on March 21, 2011, guess what my glasses were not ready, I told them fine, I would like a refund you have 30 day money back guarantee.

Guess what everyone disappeared with my last copy of my receipt and I was standing there for and hour waiting for someone to respond to my request. When they did return what would you know it would be just be another hour and my driving glasses would be ready,

They were setting the lenses as she spoke, I had to laugh out loud again, they had told me they didn't do the fish-wire lenses in the store just two weeks earlier and that why it would be two weeks before they were ready.

I explained, I didn't get my glasses in a hour or two weeks or even three weeks no not even in 4 weeks, so the best they could do for me was to refund my money and let us not do business together any more!

The girl disappeared again for 30 minutes this time, came back with a receipt and explained that there would be a corp. check coming to me with my full refund in about (can you guess how long?) "two weeks!"

LOL it was because I made it so difficult by paying cash. Now I am looking for my refund maybe by Friday.

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